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When I was young, my hometown of Zhuji, Zhejiang, had already become the world's largest artificial breeding base for freshwater pearls. My family raised clams, and I watched them open clams, take clams, and grind pearls. Gradually, I developed a deep curiosity about pearls. As I grew up, I devoted myself to researching pearls and found that they contain amino acids that can penetrate deep into the skin, remove old waste from skin epidermal cells, and be absorbed by the human body to care for and maintain the entire skin. It promotes the synthesis of new cells, making the skin smooth, delicate, elastic, and anti-aging. My team and I extracted pearl quality from pearls and developed a pure natural skincare product - Guyi Pearl Powder. Through the use of pearl powder, it was found that there was a significant change in skincare effects, with the skin becoming translucent and radiant. Then, we tried to use pearl powder on people of different skin types and age groups, and found that there are many unexpected effects of pearl powder, which prompted me to want to showcase its magic to the world